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Fill The Need Fill The Need

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In fact well recorded

The vocal is pretty good, the meaning of the lyrics too. I liked very much the solo. But the music don't fulfill my taste. Look, I know this guy, this Jonyxmetal, he is a college from univerity. And I know he isn't a cheater. He tries to hard to have a impartial opinion, while me, well, I preffer to use my taste. This music doesn't give me emotion, none at all. Love, angry, or even the need. The feeling of miss. This doesn't gave it to me. So, I'm the one who give you a fell zeros.

And you know what? I don't see this as a childish action. I saw that as part of a strategy. See? What's the point on having an account in Newgrounds since 2006 and not using that at all? You barely have medals, don't have one single fav, and your ranking only show me that you barely vote on the others work. So, you aren't using this powerful tool, this site. You're not making part of it, unless you have another account in whitch you realy participate. In that case I would call that a childish action. Playing with multiple accounts, like any other troll, to run away of the responsability.

And, for last, well, I wound't be so concerned about the rating right now if I was you. I only give zeros to the musics that had only a fell votes. In your case, 56. You can certanly reach the top again with a fell more votes. Thats is because it's realy unfair to see some music, or flash, or games, with only <50 votes that have a better position than other musics that have >300 votes.
A music with 300 votes and a score of 4 is far better than a music with 50 votes and a score of 4,6.

And to concern for your concern, our musics was attacked too. And this is purely normal in any place on internet. So get used to it, please, and try hard to make your work a sucess. Wish you good luck. ^_^

Vandel212 responds:

Wow... you really are a jerk giving my music zeros like that. I mean you even said you like the vocals, lyrics and guitar solo. I guess what it really comes down to is you are just a jerk... pathetic really (I don't mean to keep using the word "jerk" but the other language I want to use would just get me banned). A lot of work went into that music and even though there are some aspects of it you do like you just give it the worst possible rating. I can understand that it isn't your thing, but if you can't give it an honest vote then don't vote on it. instead of being (like your user name states) a flamer. I can't believe you gave me a lecture on the etiquette of using this site. I'm pretty sure you are the one that needs a lesson on it.

Also... I really like what you have to say about strategy too. Give other people's material bad ratings so that I can help your your own? That's pretty selfish if you ask me. Oh my god, you make me angry! Your account should just be deleted.

Good day sir.